waterproof tool box with EVA foam

EVA Foam : a New Option to Improve Tool Management and Application 

With the continuous advancement of industrial technology, tool boxes are essential for storing and carrying tools, and their internal design and material selection have attracted more and more attention. In recent years, EVA foam (Ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer foam), as a high-quality foam material, has been widely used in tool boxes, bringing a new experience to the management and use of tools.


EVA foam is popular for its excellent cushioning and shock-absorbing properties. In tool boxes, tools and equipment are inevitably subject to bumps and vibrations while moving or being carried. The EVA foam can effectively absorb and disperse these impact forces, protecting the tool from damage and ensuring the integrity and accuracy of the tool. Whether it is a precision measuring tool or a fragile electronic device, EVA foam can provide reliable protection.


In addition to protecting tools, the customizability of EVA  foam also makes them play an important role in tool boxes. Traditional tool boxes often use fixed partitions or grids to store tools, but this approach can be difficult to accommodate tools of different shapes and sizes. The EVA foam can be precisely cut and shaped according to the size of the tool box and the shape of the tools to form personalized slots and grooves so that each tool can have a fixed and suitable position. This not only improves tool storage efficiency, but also makes tool retrieval more convenient and faster. 

plastic box with EVA foam
EVA foam for gun
tool box with EVA foam


EVA foam is available in a wide range of hardnesses and can be customized to specific application needs. Its hardness is usually measured using Shore hardness, which ranges from XX to XX Shore A. The density of EVA sponge is mainly affected by the VA (vinyl acetate) content in the copolymer. As the VA content increases from 5% to 40%, its density increases from 0.929g/cm³ to 0.974g/cm³. When the VA content is less than 5%, the density is the smallest


EVA sponges are available in a variety of colors, covering almost all common colors. Common colors include white, black, gray, red, blue, etc. Special colors can also be customized by adding different color masterbatches. This gives EVA sponge great flexibility in product design, and suitable colors can be selected according to different needs and aesthetics.

In addition to hardness and color, EVA sponge also has other excellent properties, such as good elasticity, wear resistance, chemical resistance, etc. These properties make EVA sponge widely used in various fields, such as automotive interiors, electronic product packaging, furniture manufacturing, etc.

plastic case with EVA foam
EVA foam for tools
EVA foam for equipment

There are many types of EVA foam. Here are some common EVA foam types:

Ordinary EVA foam

This is the most common type of EVA foam. It has excellent shockproof and cushioning properties and is often used in packaging, sports equipment and other fields.

High resilience EVA sponge

This foam has excellent resilience and can quickly return to its original shape after being pressured. It is suitable for occasions that require frequent compression and release.

Fireproof EVA foam

This kind of foam has been specially treated and has good flame retardant properties, which can prevent fires to a certain extent. It is widely used in electrical appliances, construction and other fields.

Anti-static EVA sponge

This foam has anti-static function and can effectively prevent static electricity from damaging sensitive electronic equipment. It is often used in the packaging and transportation of electronic products.

It is worth mentioning that EVA foam also has excellent environmental performance. During production and use, EVA foam do not release harmful substances and are environmentally friendly. At the same time, EVA foam can be recycled and reused, reducing resource waste and environmental pollution.


EVA foam have shown broad application prospects in many fields due to their multifunctional, environmentally friendly and other characteristics. With the continuous advancement of science and technology and the improvement of people’s requirements for the quality of life, the application of EVA materials will be more extensive, bringing more convenience and comfort to our lives.