Foam design process

Carry Most foam design design is the top priority of the company’s design service projects for the plastic tool cases and waterproof cases, especially for the military rifle cases.  When customer have evaluated the size of the product and determined which case as the sample, our sales will carefully confirm the product size and height with you. We will draw the hole size according to the rebound characteristics of the foam. After confirming the drawings , we will make foam mold and confirm the first sample before mass production.

EVA foam– Vey stable and good material for all kinds of products.  The hardest foam material.

HD pearl foam– Stable foam material.  A bit softer than EVA foam material.

Hard PE sponge-Stable foam material. Harder than normal PE sponge. Normally used as pick & pluck foam.

Normal pearl foam– Glossy surface. Softer than hard PE sponge if thickness is less than 5mm.

Normal PE sponge– The softest foam material for lightweight products.

Below photos according to CMW901 waterproof cases.

injection mold waterproof case
foam mold foam cutting foam production

Carry Most  foam design and cutting department will help customers make individual foam cutting to protect products with foam hole depth accordingly. Some foam hole will add a finger hole to help take products out. 2D file will be make base on product shape. All foam will fit its corner radius.

Carry Most foam mold with blade to help with foam cutting. Before mass production, the factory will cut large foam sheets into small foam sheets and cut the foam like the right videos. Then stick all foam layers together and glue in the cushion in the case bottom. Big egg foam or small egg foam will glue in the case’s top side. 

Instead of foam mold, our factory also provides CNC foam milling to make foam production.