Different foam materials for plastic tool cases

durable plastic case with foam

Carry Most foam insert comes in a large scale of forms and colors, and is a good solution to protect tools and instruments with good looking display and after-sale customization. The foam interior is designed to adapt all corner radius to your cases. Different foam color options and foam hardness selections can be individualized to fit your valued products and to match case color and brand color. There is a laser-debossing logo made on a foam surface as a solution.

There are five main foam materials in our factory :

  • EVA foam

Very stable and good material for all kinds of products.  The hardest foam material.

  • HD pearl foam / XPE foam

Stable foam material.  A bit softer than EVA foam material.

  • Hard PE sponge

Stable foam material. Harder than normal PE sponge. Normally used as pick & pluck foam.

  • Normal pearl foam / EPE foam

Glossy surface. Softer than hard PE sponge if thickness is less than 5mm.

  • Normal PE sponge

The softest foam material for lightweight products.

To help you have a look at the details, we cut some small sample sheets in below video :

Customized foam sample

custom logo plastic case with customized foam