IP67 hard small waterproof storage case

IP67 Plastic Box: Excellent Protection, Safe and Worry-free

Today, as electronic products become increasingly popular, how to ensure the stability and safety of devices has become the focus of users. Especially when using equipment outdoors or in harsh environments, waterproofing and dustproofing become a crucial requirement. For this reason, the IP67 plastic box emerged as the times require, and with its excellent protective performance, it provides a solid safety guarantee for users’ electronic equipment.

The IP67 plastic box is made of high-quality plastic materials and has excellent durability and protective properties. Its design complies with the international protection level standard IP67, which means that it can last for 1 hour under water at a depth of 1 meter without being damaged, and it can also effectively resist the intrusion of dust and other impurities. This feature allows the IP67 plastic box to perform well in harsh conditions such as outdoors, underwater or in high dust environments, protecting users’ equipment from damage.

Excellent practicality

In addition to excellent protective performance, IP67 plastic boxes also have excellent practicality. It adopts a compact design and can accommodate electronic devices of various sizes, such as mobile phones, tablets, small sensors, etc. At the same time, the box is also equipped with reasonable layout and fixing devices to ensure that the equipment is stable and reliable in the box and is not easy to slide or collide. In addition, the IP67 plastic box is also equipped with a well-sealed lid and lock to ensure that the box is completely sealed when closed to prevent moisture and dust from penetrating.

In addition, IP67 plastic boxes also focus on the comfort of user experience. Its outer shell has a non-slip design, feels comfortable and is easy to hold. At the same time, the surface of the box can also be customized, such as spray color, printed logo, etc., to meet the different needs of users.

IP67 medical tool Box
IP67 instrument abs equipment case tool box

In general, IP67 plastic boxes have become an ideal choice for users to protect electronic equipment in harsh environments due to their excellent protective performance, practicality and comfort. Whether it is outdoor adventure, underwater photography or industrial production, IP67 plastic boxes can provide users with a safe and worry-free experience. Let us safely place the device in it and enjoy the convenience and fun brought by technology.

The following is a detailed introduction to box usage:

Opening and closing the box

Open the lid of the IP67 plastic box. This usually involves unlocking or twisting the latch mechanism to ensure the lid opens smoothly.
When it’s time to put the electronic device into the box, gently open the lid and make sure the inside of the box is clean and free of foreign matter.
When the device is in place, make sure the sealing part of the lid is aligned with the box body, then press the lid firmly and lock the latch to ensure the box is completely sealed.

Place electronic equipment

Place the electronic equipment in the appropriate location according to the internal layout of the IP67 plastic box. Some boxes may come with fixtures, such as brackets or rubber pads, to keep the device secure.
Make sure the device does not rub or collide with the inside walls of the box to avoid possible damage.

Check for tightness

After closing the box, gently shake the box to check for any loose or unsealed parts.
Make sure all locks and seals fit snugly without gaps to ensure water and dust resistance.

Application scenarios

IP67 plastic boxes are suitable for a variety of environments, such as outdoor adventures, underwater photography, humid factory environments, etc. In these environments, the box effectively protects electronic equipment from moisture and dust.
When using underwater, make sure the box is well-sealed and follow the box’s waterproof depth and time limits to avoid exceeding its endurance.


Clean the IP67 plastic box regularly to ensure that it is clean inside and outside to maintain the best protective effect.
If any damage or wear is found on the box, it should be replaced or repaired promptly to ensure its continued and effective protective function.


Please note that although the IP67 plastic box has high water and dust resistance, it still needs to be used with caution and in compliance with product instructions and restrictions in extreme or prolonged underwater environments. In addition, for particularly sensitive electronic equipment or application scenarios with higher requirements for waterproofing and dustproofing, it is recommended to consult professionals or seek higher-level protection solutions.