Other case interiors

Carry Most factory has different solutions for the case interior. We meet customers’ need in an intelligent way. Kindly check below :

Hard PP Plastic Case With Foam

Foam solution is a very common way to protect products in a wide range of foam materials, options in different colors and foam materials.

1. Suitable for all kinds of plastic cases and storage boxes.

2. Suitable for all products’ protection.

3. Individualized foam with laser logo or die-cut logo.

4. Good recongnized foam design with a long operation life.

Compartment solution is a padding organizer to help all products sorted. Most of our waterproof cases has this solution. They are adjustable and removable to pad as long or short  compartments with velcro.

1. Easy DIY solution.

2. Black color availabe only.

3. Easier operation than pick and pluck foam.

waterproof camera case with foam
Plastic case with blister

Blister solution is a lightweight-designed interior for the tool cases or storage boxes. Easy to designed if product sample is ready.

1. Thickness can be confirmed base on customer’s need or case spaces.

2. Options in copper mold or alluminum mold.

3. Better for the budgets and simple protection.

4. Debossed or embossed logo.

Hole drilling solution is a special way for the plastic cases and boxes. Our machine will help to drill holes. Hole size from 5mm to 10mm. This way is helpful to :

1. Pull the wires out from plastic tool cases or storage boxes.

2. Avoid getting wet if there is hole in the fishing lure box bottom.

3. Get the tool case specialized from the appearance

4. Add tow rope to make some plastic case open angle from 180° to 90° / 120°

transparent packaging box with logo
Military tool case with panel

Panel solution is a typical way for electronic, power supply,  meassuring and survey industry.  Plastic case lid options can be foam or designed for screen.

Panel material options: aluminum plates, stainless steel plates, acrylic plates, carbon fiber and other materials.

Panel colors available: gold, silver (other color numbers should be provided).

See more info for the panel case sizes.